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Everyone needs a few great pairs of socks. It doesn’t matter whether you need a regular pair of socks or socks that help promote circulation, we carry all kinds of hosiery at Easy Comforts. Choose from crew socks, quarter socks and ankle socks for everyday wear. If you suffer from diabetes, we offer a variety of socks for diabetics that won’t restrict the blood flow in your feet. Our compression socks are also a great idea if you want to promote circulation in your legs. Finally, wear that low-cut pair of shoes that you love with our sockless insoles.

Crew and Ankle Socks

Find your new favorite pair of socks in our selection of everyday hosiery. This collection includes comfortable and long-wearing crew socks as well as lower-cut ankle socks and quarter socks. Choose from a variety of different neutral colors and thicknesses. We even have ultra-thick options that are designed to keep you warm in the winter as well as cooling socks for the warm summer months.

Diabetic Socks and Hosiery

If you happen to be diabetic, we also carry a large selection of diabetic socks. This hosiery is designed to allow your circulation to flow freely to help prevent damage to your circulatory and nervous system caused by low blood sugar. Each of these socks and diabetic hose are seamless and include no elastic bands so as to not cut off your circulation. They come in several different styles, cuts and colors for your convenience.

Compression Socks

Diabetes and several other medical conditions might require you to wear compression socks to help promote the flow of blood in your legs and feet. These socks are tight at the feet and ankles and loosen incrementally toward your knees. This helps push blood flow up toward your heart and encourage circulation. Many runners also use compression socks to prevent muscle soreness. Our collection includes a wide variety of colors and styles.

Sockless Insoles

Forgo your socks altogether and opt for a pair of sockless insoles if you want to wear a low-cut pair of shoes. These insoles will help keep your feet fresh and your shoes clean even when your outfit doesn’t allow for socks.