Knee High Compression Stirrup

Stretchy knee high compression stirrups soothe legs and relieve pain.


As you consider all the various types of compression socks available for women, there are some styles that stand out for their uniqueness. These stirrup compression knee highs are certainly in that category. They are specifically designed for those who want the option of wearing a pair of compression socks but still want to keep most of their feet free of cover. For instance, if you are someone who struggles with swelling or soreness but enjoy wearing open-toe shoe styles, these stirrup support stockings are for you.

These stirrup socks offer 8-15 mmHg compression, and they feel comfortably lightweight even while helping to reduce pain and discomfort. Due to their lightweight construction, they offer a mild compression experience. This stirrup sock style is also very easy to get on and off. Be sure to select these knee-high stirrups in either a medium (calf sizes 13-16 inches) or a large (calf sizes 17-20 inches) option. Choose your color as well; these stirrup stockings are available in black, tan and white.
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