Silver Steps™ Compression Pantyhose 8–15 mmHg, 1 Pair

Energize tired legs with mild waist to toe compression.


Give your feet and legs the boost of energy they need to keep you steadily moving throughout the day with these Silver Steps™ Pantyhose with 8-15 mmHG compression. Constructed of quality nylon and spandex, these compression pantyhose offer a mild level of compression for those who are seeking relief from symptoms such as tired legs and feet due to poor circulation. Compression stockings look similar to regular styles, but the main difference is these are much thicker, and they feel sturdier to the touch. These closed-toe stockings are slightly reinforced at the top to provide more support around the waist and buttocks.

You can also wear them to help alleviate swelling of the legs and to help with varicose veins. They are extremely comfortable, making them a wonderful pair of support hose to wear daily. You will also appreciate how fashionable they look from all angles. This is partially due to their sheer sheen that flatters your legs. These compression hose are available in several sizes, and you can choose from beige or black.
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