Toe Half Socks 2 Pair - Natural

Keep your toes dry and comfortable while leaving your heels free.


Toe socks for women, also known as half toe socks, are an alternative way to wear a pair of socks when you don’t want your entire foot covered. Are women’s half socks a new invention? No, they’ve been around for quite a while. Most people only find out about them when they get the idea that they’d like to wear only half a sock if they could – and it turns out that is entirely possible!

These Easy Comforts half foot socks are high-quality accessories that makes it easier for you to wear certain shoe styles. Made from cotton and nylon, they offer breathable comfort for the front portion of your foot. Construction for a half sock is much like it is for a full sock, except this style is much shorter. Non-binding elastic is inserted at the top to ensure they remain in place as you walk. Half socks for women can be worn with any type of shoes and are especially useful when wearing heelless shoes such as clogs or backless loafers.
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