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  1. 303322

  2. RFID Aluminum Credit Card Holder-376623 RFID Aluminum Credit Card Holder-376623
    4 Options Available

  3. 302558


    20% Off Overstocks

  4. 343117

  5. Animal Tapestry Dual Coin Pouch-374309 Animal Tapestry Dual Coin Pouch-374309
    2 Options Available

  6. 303324

  7. Printed RFID Aluminum Card Case-372782 Printed RFID Aluminum Card Case-372782
    3 Options Available


    20% Off Overstocks

  8. Microfiber 3-Piece Handbag Set-349300 Microfiber 3-Piece Handbag Set-349300
    4 Options Available


    20% Off Overstocks

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  10. 354723

  11. Key Chain Wallet Bracelet-373395 Key Chain Wallet Bracelet-373395
    2 Options Available

  12. B. Amici™ Nicole RFID Greenwich Multi Pocket Leather Satchel-372212 B. Amici™ Nicole RFID Greenwich Multi Pocket Leather Satchel-372212
    3 Options Available

  13. 375033


    20% Off Overstocks

  14. Coin Purse Clutch-313013 Coin Purse Clutch-313013
    2 Options Available

  15. 372783


    20% Off Overstocks

  16. Machine-Washable Handbag-348265 Machine-Washable Handbag-348265
    4 Options Available


    20% Off Overstocks

  17. RFID Zip Around Wallet-372704 RFID Zip Around Wallet-372704
    7 Options Available


    20% Off Overstocks

  18. 359136

  19. B.Amici™ Margot Westhampton Hobo-369587 B.Amici™ Margot Westhampton Hobo-369587
    4 Options Available

  20. 350847

  21. 367449


    20% Off Overstocks

  22. B. Amici™ Nancy RFID Leather Wallet with Wristlet-372510 B. Amici™ Nancy RFID Leather Wallet with Wristlet-372510
    3 Options Available

  23. 367450

  24. Personalized Leather Credit Card Holder-312375 Personalized Leather Credit Card Holder-312375
    2 Options Available

  25. 345760


    20% Off Overstocks

  26. Personalized Leather Money Clip-314592 Personalized Leather Money Clip-314592
    2 Options Available

  27. 344917

  28. B.Amici™ Francesca RFID Lockport Crossbody Bag-372213 B.Amici™ Francesca RFID Lockport Crossbody Bag-372213
    2 Options Available

  29. 369380


At Easy Comforts, we help you organize your cash, coins, credit cards and other essential items. You can find an easy-to-use change organizer, credit card pouches, wallets, leather handbags, a large leather fanny pack and tote bags that come with free personalization. These products are both extremely practical and very fashionable.

Find a Change Organizer or Coin Purse

Change can be a nuisance, ending up in various pockets making it difficult to find when you need it. See our handy coin purse clutches, change keepers and accordion wallets with zippered compartments for change.

RFID Sleeves, Wallets and Card Cases

What is RFID? It stands for radio-frequency identification and is how data is stored on today’s credit cards. The problem is, RFID chips can be easily hacked, which is why storing your credit cards in RFID sleeves, wallets and card cases is a good idea. These special pockets and cases effectively block RFID scanners, so that thieves can’t steal your personal data. We have various types of RFID credit card sleeves, accordion wallets, credit card cases and standard wallets that offer this important feature.

Hard and Soft Leather Handbags

If you’re looking for a new handbag, we have several styles that are well-designed and extremely fashionable. You’ll discover products such as hard and soft leather handbags, machine washable handbags, organizer handbags and matching handbag sets. There are models designed for cross-body wear to eliminate shoulder pain that can occur with heavy shoulder bags.

Fanny Packs for Travel and Active Lifestyles

The fanny pack is a great invention, as it eliminates the need for a shoulder bag that can cause discomfort. It also keeps valuables right at your waist for added security and easy retrieval. Fanny packs are also great for travel, as they stay securely attached to your waist and are far less likely to be accidentally left somewhere.

Personalized Money Clip, Credit Card Holder and Tote Bags

These personalized organizers make a great gift — even if it’s a gift for yourself. We offer free personalization of initials for the money clip and credit card holder, and the person’s name for the tote bags. It’s a nice touch that will be greatly appreciated. These knitting and bingo tote bags are obviously ideal for those engaged in those activities, but of course, they can be used for anything!


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