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Skin Cleansers & Barrier Ointment for Incontinence

Anyone who is bedridden or incontinent will need special care and cleansing to prevent bedsores, rashes and fungal infections. They need to be kept clean and fresh and have their skin treated with medicinal creams and ointments. Their clothing, bedding and incontinence products will also have to be washed and changed often. If you are dealing with bladder control problems or taking care of someone who is, you can find all of the supplies you need in the selection of incontinence skincare, cleaning and aids from Easy Comforts.

Personal Washes and Skin Cleansers for Incontinence

The most important part of dealing with incontinence is keeping clean. A personal incontinence wash and disposable wipes are the best way to make sure that the entire area is clean so that no bacteria or fungal infections can grow. Our selection of disposable wipes includes a variety of flushable and disposable adult cleansing cloths with skin-soothing formulas. Some add a protective barrier to the skin while others are infused with soothing aloe leaf juice and other natural ingredients. You can also use one of our perineal washes to help cleanse the area. If you need an extra cleansing touch, try the Dr. Thomas anal rinse device.

Skin Treatment Creams

Once the area has been cleaned, it’s a good idea to apply a barrier ointment for incontinence or incontinence cream to help protect the skin from infection. One of the best types of barrier cream for incontinence in adults is an antifungal cream, which is good to use in between skin folds where a fungus might flourish. You can also apply a moisture barrier ointment to help protect the skin against constant exposure to the wetness of incontinence.

Incontinence Hygiene Products and Cleaners

In addition to controlling leakage caused by incontinence, it’s also essential to always make sure there are products on hand to maintain good hygiene. Since incontinence happens throughout the day, some of your skin cleansers for incontinence should be portable. We carry a selection of incontinence wipes for adults that make this task easy to do anywhere. The best wipes for incontinence are those that are hypoallergenic and free of alcohol so that they don’t cause irritation.

We also offer laundry pre-treatments to help remove stains and odors, as well as a variety of incontinence fabric sprays for the same purpose. If you regularly deal with incontinence, you might want to invest in a portable washing machine to clean bladder control garments.

Bladder Control Aids

If incontinence is a regular issue for you, you may want to try using one of our Kegel exercisers to strengthen the pelvic floor and bladder. These exercises can help improve bladder control.

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