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For easy access to bed and a safe, restful night’s sleep, you’ll discover a wide variety of bed aids, sleep accessories and daily living solutions. Adjustable bed risers let you customize beds for just the right height while they protect floors or carpeting from damage and keep the bed from moving. We also have bed rails for seniors for optimal safety and security. A sleep machine provides soothing sounds to drift off to sleep with. These are just a few products for the bedroom that provide safety and comfort while enhancing sleep quality.

Bed Accessories for Maximum Safety and Comfort

For getting in and out of bed safely and preventing falls, we have bed safety rails, a universal stand assist, wood bed risers and bed guard rails. Portable bed rails are ideal for hotel rooms and when visiting family and friends. A folding wedge cushion raises your head for easier breathing and to relieve reflux for a better night’s sleep. There’s also an adjustable head rest and backrest pillow for reading in bed, watching TV or relaxing. A bed caddy features ladder handles for help in easing oneself into an upright position and then lying back down again.

The Mattress Genie Include Sleep System can transform nearly any type of bed into an adjustable bed.

High Tech Devices for a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Harness the latest in technology along with traditional sounds and healing systems for a better night’s sleep. We have sleep machines that combine an alarm clock, night light and programmable nature sounds for a soothing, peaceful way to begin and end each day.

A lightweight acupressure wrist band uses the ancient Chinese system of healing for a natural way to fall asleep and wakeup refreshed, without the use of medicine.