Women's Plus Size Knee High Stockings - Pack Of 6

Slip on these generously sized knee high nylons to enjoy excellent lower leg and foot coverage.


Frustrated with trying to find quality knee high stockings that fit your plus size shape? These plus size knee high stockings are made just for you. They are made with the same type of nylon material used for traditional full-length stockings. However, ours have a generous width that stretches with the contours of your feet and legs, giving your that sleek, ultra-feminine fit that you love. When you put them on, you can see the gentle stretch action of the spandex as you effortlessly pull them over your calves. Banding at the top helps to keep the stockings firmly in place as you walk and move.

How do they stack up as plus size knee high socks? Many reviewers give these stocking high marks for also being an excellent alternative to regular socks. If you’re someone who prefers the feel of nylon knee high socks, these plus size nylons are exactly what you’re looking for. One size fits most. Each package includes six pairs.
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