Celeste Stein Compression Socks 8-15mmHg

Get the leg support you need in a support sock that matches your personality.


Celeste Stein 8-15 mmHg Compression Socks are a cut above many other compression sock styles. These women’s support hose socks combine compression with a fun, fashionable look. The therapeutic socks are packed with personality, and there are so many style varieties that it’s easy to find sock patterns that appeal to your individuality.

Celeste Stein compression socks are an excellent choice for compression. They are made of a high-quality blend of nylon and spandex, with no latex that might cause irritation. These socks can be worn to help stimulate circulation and help alleviate common leg ailments such as swelling, fatigue and varicose veins.

You’re going to love wearing Celeste Stein socks if you like floral compression socks or other bold and attractive patterns. There are also solid colors available for days when you want simplicity. These unique patterns and solids are available in both regular sizes and queen sizes. Queen sizes are Celeste Stein compression socks with a wide calf, so everyone can enjoy the comfort and style of these wonderful socks.
Tips & Info
Wear instructions: Gather knee-high with thumbs inside; place foot inside and slowly pull up over heel. Adjust hosiery at heel for comfort, pull gently up to knee and smooth out wrinkles.
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