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Creating a safe and secure sleeping environment for individuals with limited mobility is easy to do with products from Easy Comforts. We feature several types of products that offer safety and comfort during all phases of rest or sleep. If you have a need to elevate a bed, we offer risers for achieving this common task. There are also various sleep support aids that can help someone who struggles with insomnia fall asleep. And we also offer a selection of alarm clocks that help you awake at the desired time.

Sturdy Bed Rails

When looking for the right bed guard rail for adults who need extra security while resting or sleeping, we offer fast solutions. There are different types of bed rail designs for adults. One rail style requires no installation and it easily slides underneath the mattress to provide instant support without the need for tools. The other style we offer is a traditional guard rail that is secured by the weight of the mattress. This style covers a wider area and flips up or down as desired. Look for the handy bed rail pouch to enhance the usefulness of both of these bed rail styles.

Elevate for Better Comfort

There are various solutions for elevating the entire bed or elevating the comfort level of individuals resting in bed, and we’ve got both of them. For general bed elevation, find a selection of bed risers made of various materials. These typically come in sets of 4. Keep sheets and blankets from weighing down the feet with a sheet and leg support that installs underneath the mattress. To elevate the upper portion of the bed for comfort, choose a mattress incline sleep system.

Wake Up On Time

There’s no way to oversleep when you select any of our alarm clocks for the bedroom. Rise and shine with a vintage style clock with easy-to-read numbers or a contemporary style with a lighted digital display.