Copper Low-Cut Compression Socks 15-20mmHg, 3 pair

Reduce swelling and fatigue.



Experience the circulatory boost offered by compression socks, now in a convenient and comfortable ankle-length design. Our low cut compression socks deliver a moderate 15-20mmHg compression level, perfect for stimulating blood flow to your feet with an added benefit of copper infusion. This powerful combination not only enhances circulation but also leverages copper's natural properties to draw attention to the feet, fostering quicker and more efficient blood movement.

Designed to snugly embrace your ankles, these ankle-length compression socks are crafted for maximum efficiency in promoting healthy blood flow. The incorporation of anti-microbial material intertwined with copper effectively eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and fungi—this advanced feature plays a crucial role in odor control while ensuring your feet remain in pristine condition.

Attention has been paid to every detail: from a reinforced heel that offers extra cushioning against impact; an arch support system meticulously designed to alleviate plantar fasciitis discomfort; down to the reinforced toe area preventing blisters—a testament to our commitment towards comfort without compromising on functionality.

These copper compression socks stand as an ideal choice for those dealing with moderate edema, varicose veins or looking for supportive post-surgical wear. They present themselves as an excellent alternative for individuals who find full-length versions challenging yet wish still enjoy the myriad benefits associated with foot and ankle compression therapy.

Our unisex-fit selection caters broadly across sizes: SM/MED fitting men’s shoe sizes 6-9 & women’s 5-10; LG/XL accommodating men’s 9-12 & women’s 10-12—all woven from a blend comprising mainly polyester (94%), enhanced by spandex (3%) and enriched with copper fibers (3%). Care instructions are straightforward too—simply machine wash then line dry—to keep them ready whenever you need that compressive lift coupled with unmatched comfort at your ankles’ length!

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