Silver Steps™ Sheer Compression Knee Highs, 15–20 mmHg

These socks combine the sheer look of a fashion stocking but with powerful 15-20 mmHg of leg-supporting compression.


It’s time to update your personal collection of compression knee highs in the 15-20 mmHg range with these Silver Steps™ made socks. They look so much like regular sheer knee highs that no one but you will know that they are actually therapeutic socks designed to give the circulation in your legs a boost.

At Easy Comforts, we truly do make it easy for you to find a variety of compression socks to wear with all of your outfits. In this case, the sheer look is sure to become one of your favorites to wear with various types of comfortable shoes. And because they have a dressy appearance, you can even wear them with open-toe shoes or clogs.

Of course, the main reason to wear them is for the reliable support they offer throughout the entire sock. Enjoy light to medium support each time you slip them on. They can help with leg or ankle swelling, fatigue and more. These fashionable sheer compression knee highs come in black or beige. Made in the USA.
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