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  1. Reusable & waterproof Bed Pad-359458 Reusable & waterproof Bed Pad-359458
    2 Options Available


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  2. Premium Reusable Incontinence Underpad-360079 Premium Reusable Incontinence Underpad-360079
    3 Sizes Available


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  3. Disposable Underpads, Package-346934 Disposable Underpads, Package-346934
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    3 Options Available


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  4. Reusable Incontinence Underpad-360078 Reusable Incontinence Underpad-360078
    3 Sizes Available


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  5. Quilted Waterproof Seat Protector-349003 Quilted Waterproof Seat Protector-349003
    3 Options Available


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  8. Disposable Underpads, Case-346935 Disposable Underpads, Case-346935
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    3 Options Available


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  9. Reusable Incontinence Pad with Odor Control-345498 Reusable Incontinence Pad with Odor Control-345498
    5 Sizes Available


    10% Off Select Bedroom Safety


Disposable and Reusable Incontinence Bed Pads and Chair Pads

Products such as incontinence chair pads and bed pads for incontinence can help protect bedding, furniture and chair cushions from wetness. And because every situation is different, there are various sizes and styles to choose from. The main choice is between disposable pads and those that can be reused. 

Deciding which one is the best for you is going to depend on several factors, including what would be easier to use and maintain, and what’s most appropriate for the individual. Machine washable waterproof bed pads or seat protectors make sense economically, as they can be reused. In some cases, however, disposable underpads may be preferred.

Reusable Bed Pads, Underpads and Incontinence Chair Pads

We have washable incontinence pads for beds, car seats, chairs and wheelchairs in various sizes. There are quilted and waterproof pads that prevent moisture damage, and cozy sherpa incontinence chair pads that are comfortable to sit on while protecting upholstery with durable nylon. Reusable incontinence bed pads can be a life-changing aid for maintaining a person’s dignity, while protecting bedding from getting wet from incontinence accidents. Instead of constantly having to change sheets in the middle of the night, or morning, simply remove the reusable bed pad and place it in the washer for cleaning. 

Some styles include multiple layers to provide added peace of mind for overnight use. Larger bed pads can be used with most bed sizes and they are comfortable to sleep on. The same protective benefits apply to reusable, waterproof incontinence chair pads. Most incontinence pads for chairs are designed to cover standard size chair seats. We offer incontinence chair covers in several sizes to accommodate recliners and wheelchairs.

Disposable Chair and Bed Pads for Incontinence

Disposable underpads are extremely absorbent and easy to use. These incontinence pads are made using quality construction and materials, providing the highest level of protection available. Please note that you can select the level of protection desired (moderate, heavy or overnight) for some styles. Disposable pads are ideal for on-the-go outings and vacations.

We sell large-quantity boxes of incontinence pads and some models of these affordably priced incontinence underpads are available in bulk for even greater savings. 

At Easy Comforts, we help to make caring for those with incontinence easier while keeping them safer, healthier and more comfortable.

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