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  6. Toilet Seat Riser-345473 Toilet Seat Riser-345473
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  11. Hinged Toilet Seat Riser-355526 Hinged Toilet Seat Riser-355526
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Remaining independent is especially important when it comes to bathroom safety and privacy. Easy Comforts toilet aids are designed to ensure your absolute comfort and safety when you need it the most. Find products to add padding and height to an existing toilet seat. We also carry toilet support products that help you sit and rise easier for stability at all times. And, when you want a commode for the bedroom, or another room in the home, you can find a folding commode that can be set up anywhere.

Make Toilet Seats More Comfortable

Cold, hard toilet seats are not the most comfortable to sit on, especially when you’re already in a delicate condition. Instead of settling for the seat that came with your toilet unit, you can transform that uncomfortable seat into a soft one in an instant with one of our padded toilet seat cushions. Thick, soft padding offers luxurious support and these cushions are simple to install on any standard size seat. Alternatively, if comfort means adding more height to a toilet seat, choose one of our raised toilet seat options that raises the seat height by several inches. These easy toilet aid solutions can be used comfortably by anyone in the household because the basic seat function is preserved. While browsing, consider our helpful toilet accessories such as a comfort wipe with a long handle or a portable handheld bidet.

Toilet Support for Better Stability

Getting up or sitting down on a toilet seat can be an ordeal for those dealing with stiffness or pain. Fortunately, we have just the right solution, a toilet support. The typical toilet support consists of a two-sided or three-sided metal frame, which rises above the toilet seat (at about tank level). On each side, sturdy rails with comfort handgrips are close enough to be of assistance when needed. Should a frame alone not be enough to provide the level of comfort desired, a toilet seat riser with arms is a good alternative.

Folding Commodes

Getting up from bed to go to the bathroom may be too much trouble at times, which is why it’s convenient to have a folding commode nearby. Our portable folding commodes include a sturdy toilet seat, bucket and hand grips for safe and secure use during any time of day or night. They can be placed in bedrooms, living rooms, and yes, bathrooms. When they’re not in use, they easily fold away for storage.