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Prescription medication bottles can tend to look alike after a while. Labels on bottles can be hard to read when searching for the bottle you want before popping open the safety lid and taking a dosage. Whether you’re taking one medication, or you’re taking more than one prescription, there’s a chance you may take the wrong pill at the wrong time of day. It happens. Easy Comforts has a simple way for you to avoid medication mix-ups—get one of our convenient medication organizers. You will also find other tools that make it easier to take any medication or vitamin.

Organize Pills by the Week

Pill bottles are designed for holding a certain amount of prescription medication, but they are not designed for convenience and will not help you ensure you take the correct medication at the correct time each and every day.

Easy Comfort’s medication organizers will help you better organize your pills to make sure you take your medication the correct way. Our weekly pill organizers help you plan a medication allotment for the entire week (or two weeks). Each section is clearly labeled by day, and some also include the time of day (morning, noon, etc.). This takes the guesswork out of knowing what pill to take and when to take it.

Organize Pills by Type

You may still want a pill organizer, but a weekly one isn’t suitable for your needs. In that case, we offer a selection of unlabeled pill containers. These containers have a certain number of compartments for different pill types. You then have the option of adding customized labels to the container.

Pill Cutters and Keychains

Some people prefer not to take a whole pill and want to cut it into two pieces. A pill cutter makes this task simple, and there’s no wasting medication in the process. A pill keychain is perfect for keeping lifesaving medication in a pocket, bag or purse for quick use.