ECOSOX® Bamboo Compression Socks

ECOSOX® bamboo compression socks improve circulation and reduce swelling.


Why are so many people asking where to buy ECOSOX® Bamboo Compression Socks? It must be because word is getting around about how great they are to wear. You can read an ECOSOX review right on this page if you’d like to see what people just like you are saying after trying them out. So, what makes these bamboo compression socks so different from other kinds of knee-high compression socks? Well, for one thing, they feel soft and silky next to your skin. If you dislike heavy-duty compression socks or those made from nylon, these are going to be a wonderful alternative for your everyday wardrobe.Bamboo socks are generally comfortable to wear due to the moisture-wicking properties of the bamboo fibers. ECOSOX bamboo socks help keep your feet nice and dry and free of bacteria that cause foot odor. In addition to their luxurious softness, the socks are non-binding, easy to put on and they stay put as you go about your day. With a graduated compression of 8-15 mmHg, these smooth compression socks are a good choice for diabetics and those looking for socks that help reduce swelling while boosting circulation.
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