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Keeping nails on the hands and feet nicely trimmed and filed is a part of regular grooming. When standard nail grooming tools are problematic, it’s time to upgrade to fingernail clippers that are comfortable to hold and use. We offer several styles of senior nail clippers that are easier to use for the whole nail clipping session. While some nail clippers can be used on fingernails and toenails alike, we do offer toenail clipper for tough nails that require stronger pressure to cut. You can also find quality nail files for buffing nails on the hands and feet.

Clip Nails the Easy Way

When conventional nail clippers become too difficult to use, you may decide to upgrade to carefree clipping tools. In our nail care collection, we feature various styles of easy-grip nail clippers. Unlike conventional fingernail clippers, easy-to-grip clippers can be held without worry of slippage. Browse to find clippers for fingernails and tougher toenails. These tools can make your nail clipping sessions go smoothly.

Files for Nails and Feet

Avoid rough or jagged nail edges with our selection of nail files. We offer professional quality nail files for buffing fingernails and toenails after clipping. For easier buffing, consider choosing an automatic nail file. Another type of file we offer is one that buffs away foot calluses and rough spots, leaving the bottom of your feet and heels smoother. We also carry replaceable pads for a specific type of foot file. An ingrown toenail file is great to have on hand for those times when this painful condition occurs.

Enjoy a Home Pedicure

A pedicure kit is just the thing you need for pampering your feet at home. This kit typically includes a handheld tool that may run on batteries. Along with the tool comes a set of interchangeable grooming heads. Alternatively, you can create your own pedicure kit by selecting several tools from this collection.

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