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  1. Folding Offset Cane-361042 Folding Offset Cane-361042
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  5. Fashion Folding Cane-349011 Fashion Folding Cane-349011
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  10. Folding Cane-346177 Folding Cane-346177
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  13. Super Big Foot Cane Tip-360728 Super Big Foot Cane Tip-360728
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  21. Folding Cane-332666 Folding Cane-332666
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Maintaining mobility is an essential part of being independent and walking canes are one of the best ways to ensure ongoing mobility. At Easy Comforts, we recognize that you want portable walking canes that are both practical and stylish. We are happy to offer a great selection of canes you can take with you anywhere, but then store them away at a moment’s notice. Browse to find the right kind of cane and accessories you need to remain mobile.

Walking Canes to Suit Every Lifestyle

Selecting the right walking cane means considering your overall mobility needs. Every situation is different, and there’s a walking cane that suits every type of lifestyle situation perfectly. While browsing our collection, consider how much support is required from a cane and how high you need it to extend for comfortable walking. Many of our walking canes are lightweight, and some offer ergonomic features that may be important for those who prefer a stronger focus on a secure grip.

Portable Folding Canes

Do you want a walking cane you can stash away inside of a bag or vehicle with ease? Check out our fine collection of contemporary folding canes. When extended into a walking position, they look and perform like any other cane. However, these canes include folding points that make them ideal for taking to work or on casual outings. Made of lightweight aluminum, they’re a good option for people who need light to moderate support. Browse our folding canes to find a fun, distinctive print that best matches your style preferences.

Walking Cane Accessories

Sometimes, parts on your favorite walking can wear out. Luckily, Easy Comforts has got you covered in this department. Our collection of accessories includes replacement handle grips and feet tips. Now you can keep your cane and do your own simple repairs.