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For seniors who wish to live independently (and others who may have mobility and dexterity issues), personal hygiene can be a challenge. These extremely useful bath accessories enhance both safety and comfort, for an easier and more pleasurable experience in the bathroom. We carry a varied selection of bath benches and bariatric shower chairs, bath grab bars, bath steps and other bathroom aids. Find the best non-slip shower mat, a long back brush, a bath step or a convenient shower chair with handles — all at competitive prices.

Bath Steps, Bath Seats and Bariatric Shower Chairs

You’ll find a large assortment of bath steps and bath assistance furniture that provide seniors and others with mobility issues the help they need to get into, out of and safely use baths and showers. This includes bath steps with non-slip surfaces and non-skid feet, adjustable bath benches of various shapes and tub grab bars. Bath seats are available in different styles, such as foldable models, with or without a seat back and swivel stools. These seats are sturdy and secure to prevent falls, and will give seniors more confidence and comfort, without having to make costly modifications.

Easy-to-Use Shower Brushes and Bathing Wipes

Easily reach those hard-to-reach places with our line of long-handled and easy-reach back and foot brushes, plus other products such as extra-long bath brushes and wash cloths. We also have interchangeable bath brushes that come with easy-to-use lotion applicator pads. There are scrubbers that softly cleanse and exfoliate hard-to-reach areas, removing dead skin cells for greater skin health, while also helping to promote circulation. We also have anti-microbial sponges on long handles that are ideal for those with limited mobility. Clean, massage and invigorate from head to toe with our premium bath brushes.

Non-Slip Shower Mats, No-Rinse Shampoo and Other Bathroom Products

You’ll find many other helpful bath products, such as non-slip shower mats for optimal safety, no-rinse bathing wipes and shampoos, hair removal and hair care products, towels and toilet seat cover, easy tube squeezers and a razor extension handle.