Magnetic Zipper Compression Socks

Let your toes breath while getting the compression your legs need.


Compression socks with a zipper are for you if you need the kind of socks that are easier to get on and off. These zipper compression socks have sturdy zippers with pulls that are easy to access and zip up and down. And because they offer gentle compression at a 9-17 mmHg level, you get just the right amount of support you need to help with leg and foot circulation. Additionally, these socks offer the power of magnetism as a therapeutic aid. That’s three awesome reasons to give them a try.

Are these the same as zippered compression stockings? Yes, they are and with magnetism built into the sock material, you may find that these zippered compression socks also help reduce, or relieve, common conditions such as aching muscles, soreness and varicose veins. They may also be helpful in providing relief from poor circulation. These open toe support socks are available in Small/Medium, which fits calves up to 16 inches, and Large/Extra-Large, which fits calves up to 19 inches. Imported.
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