Magnetic Zipper Compression Socks

Let your toes breath while getting the compression your legs need.


Are you tired of trying to fuss with regular support socks that have the compression you desire but seem too difficult to get on and off?

We understand how frustrating this can be and we’re offering you a solution for this common problem with these therapeutic compression socks with zippers. While we don’t currently carry zipper-style thigh-high compression socks, these unique support stockings offer excellent 9-17 mmHg compression, which is in the mild range for those seeking light support.

They are a great choice for anyone who wants a reliable way to boost leg circulation. Wear them to ease leg discomfort from fatigue and general muscle aches or to help with issues caused by edema or varicose veins. Another thing that puts them on the Easy Comforts’ most highly rated compression socks list is the built-in magnetic therapy feature.

You are sure to also become a fan of their excellent stretching capacity. Now, instead of fiddling around with trying to put them on, you can simply unzip and slip them onto your legs relatively quickly. Choose from sizes small/medium and large/XL.
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