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  1. Back Saver-332481 Back Saver-332481
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  2. Magnetic Back Support-337744 Magnetic Back Support-337744
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  3. Breathable Back Support-348284 Breathable Back Support-348284
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  4. Posture Corrector-347319 Posture Corrector-347319
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  5. Compression Back Support with Padding-359879 Compression Back Support with Padding-359879
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  6. LivingSURE™ Magnetic Posture Corrector-350099 LivingSURE™ Magnetic Posture Corrector-350099
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  14. Hernia Support Belt-363149 Hernia Support Belt-363149
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  15. Copper Compression Adjustable Back Support-376840 Copper Compression Adjustable Back Support-376840
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Back muscle strains and injuries are a common source of temporary or chronic discomfort or pain for many people. This Easy Comforts collection is dedicated to anyone who needs an ongoing solution for any area of the back or neck. Reducing or managing pain coming from the lower or upper back muscles often requires wearing some type of support device. For your shopping convenience, we’ve made it simpler to find a good quality back support brace or lower back support brace. Choose one or the other depending on your specific back condition. Some braces can also be worn as a remedy for shoulder support or to correct slouching posture.

Why Wear a Back-Support Brace?

There are various reasons for choosing to wear a back support brace. Generally, these braces relieve pain and discomfort in the lower or upper back areas. Made of durable elastic and other materials, they can help stabilize your core, helping to keep this area from sustaining additional injury. Most people wear back support during the daytime, anywhere from a few hours a day to all-day long.

Choosing the Best Back Brace

Easy Comforts provides a variety of good choices for back support. In general, the back support is wrapped around the mid-section and secured with fastener closures. A range of size options are available to help you choose a brace that best fits your body. Styles range from the classic wrap-around to those made with breathable fabric to those with extra padding. Consider all the options and how each style may impact your physique to find one that is right for you.

Wearing a Brace for Posture

Braces with shoulder support are often worn as posture correctors. Wearing a brace of this type relieves you of having to constantly remember to straighten your shoulders throughout the day. Good posture is an essential part of a person’s well-being, and it can help with balance and alignment of the spine. Posture correctors can also be worn to relieve neck pain with the added benefit of back support.

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