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  3. Folding Footrest by OakRidge™-352262 Folding Footrest by OakRidge™-352262
    3 Options Available

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  8. Deluxe Rolling Multipurpose Table by OakRidge™-347787 Deluxe Rolling Multipurpose Table by OakRidge™-347787
    2 Options Available

  9. Flip Cover Ottoman by OakRidge™-308898 Flip Cover Ottoman by OakRidge™-308898
    2 Options Available

  10. Deluxe Foldable Rocking Footrest-362985 Deluxe Foldable Rocking Footrest-362985
    2 Options Available

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  12. Snap Together Shelves-303354 Snap Together Shelves-303354
    2 Options Available

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  25. Appleton Recliner Table by OakRidge™-361760 Appleton Recliner Table by OakRidge™-361760
    3 Options Available

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Make your home life as comfortable and convenient as possible by filling your space with furniture that offers independence and convenience for small spaces. The selection of furniture from Easy Comforts is filled with pieces that offer useful storage, comfortable relaxation and easy access to your most used items. Shop this collection of shelves, footrests, ottomans and storage carts today to find the perfect item for your space. Everything in our selection is designed to help you feel as independent as possible.

Shelves and Rolling Storage Carts

You can never have too much storage space in your home. From decorative knickknacks to more useful items such as books and TV remotes, you need a place to store your small items. Our furniture collection includes a variety of shelving units as well as convenient rolling carts in which you can store everything you need. Wheels make our furniture pieces versatile and convenient for small spaces. Find small and compact shelves that you can place next to a sink, inside a closet or in an area with limited space. Shelving units have three to five shelves and there are styles to complement most room decor.

Storage Ottomans

Another great way to take advantage of unused space is by switching to a storage ottoman. These footstools allow you to recline comfortably while serving the dual purpose of giving you a place to store your throw blankets and other living room items. Choose from several different styles to suit your tastes. We even offer innovative bed ottomans that unfold to a full sleeping cot that you can offer to your overnight guests.

Footrests and Tray Tables

If you prefer a more versatile reclining option, we also carry a variety of adjustable footrests. Customize the height and position to achieve optimal comfort and help improve circulation. Pair your footrest with a tray table or lap desk to easily enjoy meals in front of the television. We offer convenient rolling and adjustable options to make mealtime as easy as possible. In addition to enjoying meals on a portable table, they are also easy to wipe clean, a plus when you want to work on a crossword puzzle or place other objects on its surface.

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