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There isn’t a single incontinence panty, brief or pad that works perfectly for every individual, which is why we carry a wide selection. You’ll find washable incontinence panties for women’s use, as well as incontinence briefs for men. Choose from disposable or washable incontinence pants, bladder control pads and incontinence liners. There are also external catheters for men, leg bags and extension tubing, booster pads and male/female protective underwear.

Women’s Incontinence Panties, Underwear and Briefs

For women, we have 100% cotton incontinence underwear with built-in protection and incontinence panties that wick moisture from skin with a polyester pad that absorbs liquids. There are incontinence panties with the look and feel of cotton briefs, and disposable pull on incontinence underwear. For those who prefer a pad to wear with standard underwear or those who need additional protection, we also have bladder control pads for women and ultra-long disposable pads that lock away wetness and neutralize odors.

Men’s Incontinence Briefs and Other Incontinence Products

For male incontinence, you’ll find men’s incontinence briefs with cotton lining to wick away moisture and a triple-layer polyester pad that absorbs liquids. There are different kinds of incontinence briefs, including those that look and feel like standard cotton briefs. These are available in materials like cotton/polyester knit and nylon or cotton and spandex. For certain styles, you can order them in singles or in 3-packs.

Unisex Protective Underwear

Our unisex protective underwear is designed for men and women, and they fit like regular underwear, with complete coverage and an elastic waste to prevent leaks.

Catheters and Leg Bags

For the convenience of our customers, we also offer male external catheters, leg bags and extension tubing, sold separately. This is a hygienic, discreet urine catheter that can be used at home or while traveling. It’s available in different sizes.