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  3. Locking Magnetic Jewelry Clasps - Set Of 4-337030 Locking Magnetic Jewelry Clasps - Set Of 4-337030
    2 Options Available

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  5. Silver Steps™ No Tie Stretch Shoe Laces-366371 Silver Steps™ No Tie Stretch Shoe Laces-366371
    2 Options Available

  6. Guardian Angel Zipper Pull-319056 Guardian Angel Zipper Pull-319056
    2 Options Available

  7. Silver Steps™ Elastic Shoe Laces 3 Pair-341204 Silver Steps™ Elastic Shoe Laces 3 Pair-341204
    2 Options Available


    Buy 2 Elastic Shoe Laces, Save $1

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  9. Magnetic  Jewelry Clasps S/2-302780 Magnetic  Jewelry Clasps S/2-302780
    2 Options Available

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  11. Clip On Earrings Converter-312116 Clip On Earrings Converter-312116
    2 Options Available

  12. Fish Hook Earring Converter-327452 Fish Hook Earring Converter-327452
    2 Options Available

  13. Magnetic Necklace Extender - Set of 2-314574 Magnetic Necklace Extender - Set of 2-314574
    2 Options Available

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As you get older it can get more and more difficult to dress yourself in the morning. Aging joints simply don’t work as well as they once did, so it can be hard to bend over or grasp small items such as buttons and zippers. It can be discouraging when you start to have problems getting dressed but you can maintain your independence by enlisting the help of a few simple dressing aids. The dressing aids from Easy Comforts include simple tools to help you put on your shoes and socks, pull on your sleeves, fasten buttons and zippers and clasp your jewelry. You’ll be thrilled at the results when you can get dressed by yourself again.

Sock and Shoe Dressing Aids

One of the most difficult parts of dressing for seniors is having to bend over to put on socks and shoes. Eliminate the need to bend over at all by shopping our selection of sock and shoe dressing aids. Our sock aids feature clips attached to the ends of long handles that allow you to pull on your stockings from a seated position. We also offer specialized hosiery aids that allow you to roll on delicate hosiery without having to be able to reach your toes. Our shoe horns come in a variety of lengths to help you slip on your shoes while you stay seated or standing.

Dressing Aids for Buttons, Zippers and Sleeves

Arthritis and other causes of joint pain can make it difficult to grip small buttons and zippers on your clothing. Make it much easier to fasten your shirts and pants by using one of our button fasteners or zipper pulls. The handles on these tools are much easier to grasp than small apparel hardware. Put your coat on without worrying about your sleeves bunching up inside it with one of our sleeve holders. You can also get help putting your jackets and shirts on with one of our extendable dressing aids.