Silver Steps™ EZ Zip Open Toe Compression Socks, 20-30 mmHg

Ideal for improving leg circulation to relieve symptoms associated with spider veins or varicose veins.


Wearing compression socks with a zipper is sure to be a big relief if you often struggle with getting support socks on and off. These particular zipper compression socks are made by Silver Steps™, a recognized brand that countless people rely upon for comfortable footwear.

Made of durable nylon and spandex, they are soft enough to be worn comfortably throughout the day or evening. This softness is perfectly counterbalanced with a 20-30 mmHg level of compression that is in the high range. At this medical grade level, the support is suitable for more intensive therapeutic treatment of certain medical conditions affecting the lower limbs.

You also get to enjoy wearing a pair of open-toe compression socks that provide unrestricted toe movement. They are also a good choice for those who suffer from painful bunions or hammertoes. Gel heel pads provide another layer of walking comfort.

With sizes ranging from medium to 3XL, it’s easy to find a pair of these zip-up compression socks that fit.
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