Sani Pant Pull On, 3 pack

Sani-Pant™ adult plastic pants provide moisture proof incontinence protection.


Feeling comfortable and dry every day is essential when dealing with incontinence. Sani-Pant™ adult plastic pants provides extra protection that can help restore dignity and self-confidence. Plastic underwear for adults should be made to fit both men and women and are easy to put on and take off. These plastic pull-up pants are available in several adult sizes to ensure everyone who needs them can find the best fit. The Sani-Pant is a moisture-proof cover-up that works equally well for men and women looking for more protection.

These durable, adult plastic underwear feature elastic at the legs and waist, ensuring they stay in place when worn over absorbent pads, panties or diapers. Premium quality, plastic-coated polyester feels soft, never stiff. And when it comes to maintenance, they can withstand numerous machine washings. Made in the U.S. Specify by waist size: Small (22" - 28"), (Medium (30" - 36"), Large (38" - 44") or XL (46" - 52").
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