ABENA® Man Bladder Protection Shields, Pack of 15

Providing discreet male incontinence protection from bladder leaks.


Absorbent ABENA® Man Bladder Protection Shields are designed for men. These innovative man pads provide a discreet and convenient way to address the issue of male incontinence. Bladder leaks can interfere with your everyday life, but you can regain your freedom to go anywhere without worrying when choosing a men’s pad with strong construction.

ABENA Man Formula 2 men’s pads for bladder leakage are pocket-shaped, creating a unique male incontinence pad that features a stay-dry micro-punctured top sheet, leak-stopping side barriers and a super-absorbent core that instantly locks in liquid and odors. But that’s not all. These breathable incontinence pads for men feature a backing that allows airflow to keep the skin comfortable and healthy. Once the pads are in place, they stay put thanks to a self-adhesive strip that easily adheres to close-fitting underwear. Pack of 15 pads for men; each absorbs 23 fluid ounces.
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