Premium Bladder Control Pads Ultimate Absorbency Case of 90

Absorbent Bladder Control Pads are contoured to fit a woman's body.


Switch to high-absorbency bladder control pads with a premium look and feel. Designed to fit the contours of a woman’s body, the pad’s elongated, slightly curved shape fits inside your briefs or panties. On the back is an adhesive strip that helps it remain securely in place as you move about.

The ultimate absorbency consists of a specially designed absorbent layer with a quick-drying surface to keep moisture away from your skin. The unique SorbCore offers optimal absorbency while reducing the risk of unpleasant odors. Delicate side gathers provide extra leakage protection where it’s needed most. The pad also features a soft, embossed cover for superior comfort. Uniform thickness and an elasticized contour help prevent bladder leakage accidents. All pads come with an adhesive strip that prevents them from shifting and bunching. Case of 90 bladder control pads.

Smaller quantities available, click here.
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