Wellness® Tabbed Brief, pkg.

Stay confident for hours with a brief that goes on and off with ease.


Looking for the strongest, most secure diapers for adults or senior diapers with tabs?

The Wellness® Tabbed Brief is designed with cutting-edge NASA technology. These briefs offer a high level of absorbency, and they’re capable of holding up to 87 ounces of liquid. That makes them ideal for those seeking moderate to heavy incontinence protection.

Whether you need daytime or overnight protection, the Wellness® Tabbed Brief has you covered. With its exceptional absorbency, liquid is quickly absorbed into its core, keeping your skin dry for up to eight hours of continuous protection.

Adjusting the fit of these tab diapers is a breeze thanks to the convenient resealable tape tabs positioned at the sides. Also, these disposable briefs are latex-free, making them suitable for those with latex allergies.

Available in sizes medium and large, each pack includes 18 pairs of tabbed briefs, providing you with a reliable supply of heavy-duty incontinence protection. Upgrade to the Wellness® Tabbed Brief and enjoy around the clock comfort, convenience and peace of mind.
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