Adjustable Side Table by OakRidge™

Versatile piece of furniture that makes meals and activities more enjoyable.


Our Adjustable Side Table is a versatile piece of furniture that can make meals and activities more enjoyable. With smooth-rolling wheels, you can easily move the table around your house and place it where it’s needed most. If you like to have your meals in front of the television, you can roll this adjustable side table next to your favorite recliner so you don’t have to worry about holding plates or bowls in your lap. The raised rim sides will help keep dishes from sliding off. The table’s surface locks in place for flat or angled uses, making it perfect for setting next to your bed to make reading and writing more comfortable. You can even use it as a laptop tray for watching movies, playing games and browsing the internet. The rich finish means this stylish adjustable side table will look great wherever you put it, and the durable wooden construction is sure to last. 
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