Deluxe Foldable Rocking Footrest

Cradles calves and supports soles.


Rock away your tired feet and legs with this deluxe folding footrest that you can place near any seat in the home. This is the perfect solution for chairs and sofas that don’t have a reclining function. You won’t mind at all because you can simply bring out this well-crafted wooden footrest that offers the same support as a rocking chair, only it’s exclusively for your feet.

Crafted of solid wood, the rocker features a slatted wood base on one side and a padded cushion on the opposite side. To use the footrest, simply position your legs over the cushion, allowing your feet to rest on the slats. This automatically places your legs at a comfortable angle for relaxation. This is ideal for those of shorter stature and those who simply want to put their feet up after a long day.

When not in use, the foldable rocking footrest can be closed and stored away. Choose sherpa or tapestry.
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