Supportive Leg Rest

Offers a safe and secure place to elevate both legs while in a seated position.


This Easy Comforts hammock style leg rest and foot rest is the only one you’ll ever need for recuperation and full foot and leg relaxation. If you are recovering from any type of leg, knee, thigh or foot injury, or you simply need to give your legs some therapeutic support after physical activity, this hammock for your legs is a great solution. In fact, it’s much better than using a standard ottoman-style footrest. For one thing, the typical furniture legrest has a flat surface, while this one features an angular, sloping design that offers superior leg positioning. If you want a no-hassle rest experience, this ultra-comfort leg rest is for you.

Feel relief whenever you place one or both legs on the flexible cushion of this stylish black leg rest. There’s enough cushion space to provide great support as you sit back and relax in a chair or on the couch. A sturdy iron frame keeps the cushion nice and stable.
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