Sink Hose Sprayer

Transform any sink in your home into a small shower.


Are you someone who likes to use the kitchen sink for more than washing dishes, or do you wish you could do more at the bathroom sink than wash your hands? Our Sink Hose Sprayer Attachment is a household gadget that can help you get more practical use out of just about any sink.

Because you can use this detachable sink hose as a convenient kitchen or bathroom accessory, it offers excellent versatility of use. Also, there’s no mounting hardware needed – the hose attachment is simple to operate. When you want spraying action, simply attach the faucet grip end to the bottom of the faucet. Please note this faucet sprayer is made to fit standard-size faucets.

This portable detachable sink hose sprayer is great for washing hair; the sink sprayer can easily rinse hair in the back and sides. You can also make the most of the 48-inch length by running the hose from the sink to a portable tub or bucket.
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