Foldable Toilet Support

Use a standard toilet safely with this unique folding support.



Discover a new level of bathroom safety with the Foldable Toilet Support. This isn't just another set of toilet rails - it's your ticket to increased independence and confidence in your daily routine. Designed for optimal support, these toilet rails offer sturdy assistance when sitting or standing, reducing strain and providing peace of mind. It fits seamlessly around any standard-sized toilet, offering an immediate upgrade to your bathroom safety. But we've taken care even further! These aren’t just functional; they’re convenient too! With its foldable design, you can easily store away the unit when not in use or transport it as needed – making this ideal even for travel! The height-adjustable feature allows for personalization according to individual needs while ensuring maximum comfort at all times. Plus? Its strong frame supports up to 300 lbs so rest assured knowing our Foldable Toilet Support is built with durability in mind. Choose our Foldable Toilet Support today – where convenience meets reliable security! Embrace improved accessibility now!

Adjust this toilet support for height by raising its legs. Height range is 31”-35”. Comfortable handrails can hold up to 300 lbs. 20" W x 21" D.

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