Easy Grip Adjustable Tub Bar

Help prevent falls in the bathroom with this easy to use tub bar.


Help prevent slip-and-fall accidents and maintain your confidence when getting in and out of the bathtub by installing a tub safety bar. A shower grab bar can make a huge difference when it comes to preventing bathtub falls. This adjustable grab bar for the tub is made from sturdy steel that can handle weight up to 250 pounds. The simple oval loop shape features an easy-grip bar at the top and there’s also a horizontal bar further down just in case you want to grip that area too. This feature alone doubles the protective power of this grab bar.

Like some of our other popular grip tools for the bathroom, this adjustable support bar can expand several inches to ensure the mount fits the rim of the tub. Protective rubber pads on the clamp help prevent damage to your bathtub, and the clamp is easy to put on and remove. This large safety handle for the tub has a white, rust-resistant coating.
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