EZ Reach Back Brush

Long-handled brush molds to your individual shape.



The EZ Reach Back Brush is a quintessential bathing accessory designed to make personal care more accessible and thorough. This back scrubber stands out for its ergonomic long handle, allowing you to effortlessly cleanse every inch of your back without the need for awkward bending or reaching.

Crafted with a contoured design that follows the natural curves of your body, this backbrush ensures no spot goes unattended during your cleansing routine. The sturdy yet gentle bristles work diligently to exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate circulation—leaving behind refreshed revitalized skin each time it's used!

A valuable tool for anyone who may struggle with mobility issues due to age, injury, or simply wanting an extra touch of luxury in their bath experience, the easy-grip handle provides both comfort and security, making slipping out of hands a concern of the past. Whether hanging up in the shower, ready for the next use, or resting against the tub edge, awaiting its call to duty, the dependable nature of this long-handled back brush promises to enhance independence and elevate daily hygiene experiences wonderfully, effectively, and beautifully all at once, indeed becoming a staple part of any bathroom setup ahead!

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