This pocket-size Brain Games® book offers big challenge with plenty of words to find, helping test your thinking skills on the go! With a word-themed cognitive workout on every page, the wide variety of entertaining seeks and searches includes challenges like Add-a-Letter, Shrouded Summary, and puzzles with hidden messages. Enjoy the fun and feel your head spin as you uncover hidden words in a horizontal line, and work to find those elusive backwards and diagonal words. The mini word search book size doesn't mean easier puzzles, so limber up your cognitive muscles and flex your memory and problem-solving skills to keep your brain fit. Perfect for master puzzlers or novices, the softcover word puzzle book is easy to carry along anywhere, and spiral binding keeps pages flat for easy use at home or on the go. 256 pages with answer key in back. 7 1/4" x 5 1/2" Brain Games word search book.
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