Brain Games® Large Print USA Word Search Books, Set of 4

Challenging puzzles in easy-to-see print.


Explore, discover and learn about America with large-print word searches designed to challenge your brain, not your eyes! Each large print word search book in this set of 4 is printed with large grids and big, easy-to-read type … and each USA-themed puzzle spreads out across two full pages, so you can enjoy the fun without squinting to see. Puzzle topics include state mottos and nicknames, the Declaration of Independence, national parks, the Super Bowl, state trees, American horse breeds and more—with words hidden horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and read either forward or backward. Helping you work your cognitive muscles so your brain stays sharp, these large print word search puzzles are a great way to celebrate America while enjoying the challenge. Set of 4 Brain Games word search books. Softcover, each 32 pages with answer key in back. 7" x 9".
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