Brain Games® Stress-Free Sudoku Puzzles

Large print puzzles test logic skills while helping you relax.


Easy to read and fun to solve … these large print Brain Games® Stress-Free Sudoku Puzzles will test logic skills to help you relax, focus and maintain good mental fitness. With more than 134 Sudoku puzzles presented in large print, each is large enough to cover an entire page, so your eyes can take it easy while your brain gets to work. Fun for beginners or seasoned fans, these large-print sudoku puzzles are a great way to stimulate your mind, improve your memory and enhance your concentration power. Brain Games Sudoku puzzles stimulate your brain and require strategic, creative thinking—rewarding you with a sense of accomplishment for each challenge solved. The sudoku book's spiral binding makes pages lay flat, so it's easy to work on at home or on the go. Softcover, 160 pages with answer key in back. 7 3/8"L x 9 1/8"W.
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