Brain Games® Swirls Design Large Print Crossword Puzzles

Unwind and challenge your brain, not your eyes!


Unwind and test your problem-solving skills with more than 80 large print crossword puzzles that challenge your brain, not your eyes! Each brain-boosting word puzzle in this book is spread out across two full pages, making clues easy to read and grids easier to see and fill in. With puzzle subjects like novelists, food and drink, common phrases, nature and more, you'll have fun testing your knowledge, building your vocabulary and stimulating your mind. Brain Games® Crosswords will inspire you to solve problems, think deeply and improve verbal skills—rewarding you with a sense of accomplishment again and again! The large print crossword puzzle book's spiral binding makes pages lay flat, so it's easy to work on at home or on the go. Softcover, 192 pages with answer key in back. 7 3/8" x 9 1/8".
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