Brain Games® Stress-Free Crossword Puzzles

A relaxing cognitive workout.


Brain Games® Stress-Free Crossword Puzzles features more than 70 crossword puzzles in large-print format, allowing you to flex your brain while your eyes rest comfortably. Featuring a wide variety of topics like exotic destinations, botanical gardens, musical instruments, comfort food, crafts and hobbies, yoga and more, each crossword is spread across 2 pages with enlarged grids and clues that are easy to read. Complete with answer key in back, the large-print puzzles in this Brain Games® book are designed to give your cognitive muscles a brain-boosting workout—helping stimulate your mind while you expand your knowledge and enjoy the fun. Spiral binding makes the pages lay flat so the puzzles are easy to work on at home or on the go. Softcover, 160 pages. 7 3/8"L x 9 1/8"W.
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