Brain Games® Sticker by Number Garden Blooms

Relax and find the stickers needed to create a beautiful picture.


Challenge and engage your brain while creating stunning artwork with Brain Games® Sticker By Number Garden Blooms book. Much like a color or paint-by number puzzle, each garden-themed illustration is divided into dozens of numbered spaces—accompanied by pages of coordinating peel-off stickers. Simply choose your design from this sticker by number book, locate and peel off stickers and place them in the correct spaces, then watch amazing full-colored images "bloom" before your eyes. Offering a fun, creative escape to help you relax and unwind from your day, this Brain Games sticker-by-number book makes a thoughtful gift, and it's designed for adults, but kids will love it, too! Spiral binding makes it easy to keep book open and work on, while perforated pages are easy to tear off and share or display. Softcover book includes 52 pages with 10 garden-themed images to sticker, and answer key in the back. 8 1/2" x 10".
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