LivingSURE™ Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat with Arms

The support you need to safely use the bathroom!


Make any standard toilet seat safer and easier to use with this raised toilet seat with a built-in safety frame. If you’re looking for a higher-quality toilet seat with arms, this is a great choice! The toilet frame is solidly built and includes knobs that make it easy to lock it down to prevent wobbling. This feature also makes installation a breeze – seat adjustments can always be made when needed. Also, getting this toilet seat to raise upwards to a height that’s comfortable is easy to do. The toilet frame with seat is adjustable, so you can raise the entire seat to your choice of 2 inches, 4 inches or a maximum of 6 inches. It can also be lowered to accommodate others as needed.

Having a raised toilet seat with arms is also a game-changer for anyone who needs additional security support to sit down or stand up. The arms are covered in thick padding for a comfortable grasp. Enjoy using a toilet seat riser that is easy to clean. The universal mounted design easily locks onto toilets with a maximum lip height of 1 9/10". The seat supports up to 300 pounds and is made from 60% polypropylene, 25% steel and 15% PU. The toilet seat comes with install instructions.
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