Extra Long Shoe Horn

Quickly and easily slip on your shoes without struggling or risking injury.


Make bending over to put on a pair of shoes a thing of the past with this extra-long shoe horn tool. Also known as an extended handle shoe horn, this tool is convenient to keep in any room where you normally put on and take off shoes.

Made of strong, polished stainless steel, it has the same familiar curved shape as similar items, but this one is unique in that it has way more length than most long-handle shoe horns. If you prefer putting on and taking off your shoes while standing, this horn is indispensable. At the very top is a hole for hanging the horn from a wall, a shelf or even a chair.

When you’re ready to use it simply grab it at the small end and position the long-handle shoe spoon at the heel of the foot. With minimal movement, use the horn to gently guide your foot into the shoe or out of it. Measures 20 1/8 inches long.
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