Silver Steps™ No Tie Stretch Shoe Laces

Turn any shoes into a pair of cozy slip-ons.


Do away with the hassles of standard shoelaces once and for all with these No Tie Stretch Shoe Laces. This innovative design can be a real game-changer when it comes to wearing casual or sporty shoes requiring laces. At first glance, they look exactly like regular shoelaces, and that’s the beauty of their stylish look. They do not require changing anything about the outer appearance of your favorite shoes, however, their secret is revealed once you pick them up and feel them – they are made of durable silicone!Instead of painstakingly threading fabric laces through each eyelet, you can breeze through this task by threading one end of the stretch silicone alternative elastic shoelaces into an eyelet, and quickly doing the same with the other end. Within a minute or so, a shoe or sneaker can be completely threaded, and there is no need to bend down or mess with tight knots or loose laces ever again. Choose black or white.
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