Clip On Earrings Converter

Turn pierced earrings into clip-ons instantly.


Enjoy building a collection of beautiful earrings to wear every day or whenever you feel like it without the need to pierce your ears. The clip-on earring converter makes it possible for anyone to wear the post style of earrings. The converter’s unique design gives you the freedom to decide what earrings to wear by including a clever post attachment. This design is superior to standard clip-on earrings with only one style.

There are countless post styles, and being able to convert these earrings to the clip on style allows you to choose among gold, silver, gemstone and other post designs. To ensure that the metal backing of the earrings you choose matches the converter, you can choose clip-earring converters in a silver finish or gold finish.

When it comes to comfort, you no longer have to wonder how to make clip-on earrings that feel comfortable. The converters feature smooth, rounded tips. Each set includes 12 individual converters.
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