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  1. Wellness Absorbent Underwear Trial Pack 2-Pack-367110 Wellness Absorbent Underwear Trial Pack 2-Pack-367110
    4 Sizes Available

  2. Unisex Overnight Protective Underwear Trial Pack-357311 Unisex Overnight Protective Underwear Trial Pack-357311
    3 Sizes Available

  3. Unisex Protective Underwear, Trial Pack-357312 Unisex Protective Underwear, Trial Pack-357312
    2 Sizes Available

  4. Wellness Absorbent Underwear - Case-348263 Wellness Absorbent Underwear - Case-348263
    4 Sizes Available

  5. Disposable Underpads - Case-346935 Disposable Underpads - Case-346935
    3 Options Available

  6. Unisex Overnight Protective Underwear, case-344825 Unisex Overnight Protective Underwear, case-344825
    3 Sizes Available

  7. 344835

  8. 344833

  9. Wellness® Tabbed Brief, Case-364187 Wellness® Tabbed Brief, Case-364187
    3 Sizes Available

  10. 368435

  11. Female Protective Underwear, Case-355859 Female Protective Underwear, Case-355859
    3 Sizes Available

  12. 362635

    $109.99 $79.62
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  14. 351433


Incontinence doesn't have to be an embarrassing issue. It is common and easily manageable. Ordering these bladder control products online from Easy Comforts offers several advantages you can’t find in-store.

Bulk Incontinence Pads & Underwear

Order in bulk by the case and you'll have a sufficient supply to last a few days to up to a few weeks. Shipments arrive in discreet packaging and you can set up Auto Refill subscriptions, so you don't even have to worry about reordering supplies. Bulk incontinence underwear from Easy Comforts will arrive at your chosen increments — monthly shipments are typically convenient for our customers.

Women’s and Men’s Incontinence Briefs

Bladder control is manageable with underwear and pads for both men and women. Most pads and underwear are designed so they don't add bulk. Many are designed to look like women's and men's underwear and briefs, and people won't see you're wearing incontinence underwear.

Products are available in multiple sizes so you can get the size that is more effective and comfortable for you. They are also available in absorbency levels including light, moderate, heavy and overnight. You can stock up on different absorbency levels in your size so you can choose what to wear based on how long you will be out or what you expect from the day.

Incontinence Liners vs. Underwear

While pads and underwear are rated for absorbency levels, one pad does not always get you through the day. For the most comfort, people use about four to six incontinence panty liners per day. They should be changed at regular intervals for proper hygiene, as wet pads can increase risk of skin conditions. Once you determine how many pads or pairs of incontinence underwear you will need each day, you can figure out how long a case will last. Order multiple cases at a time, and set up a subscription to automatically refill your supply.