Unisex Overnight Protective Underwear Trial Pack

Find the right fit with this trial-sized 2-pack.


These are way better than free trial protective underwear.

Finding the right fit for overnight protective underwear can be challenging when you don’t know what to expect. At Easy Comforts, we want to help you find great overnight protection for bladder control leakage. This is why we’re offering this trial pack of two pairs of quality protective underwear designed for overnight use. This well-designed protective underwear can be worn by men or women, and it offers full coverage for maximum absorbency.

Each pair of incontinence underwear comes with a fully elasticized waist and legs that help keep moisture inside. Specify by waist size: Small/Medium (28"- 40"), Large (38"- 50") or XL (48"-68"). Made in the U.S. Limit of five packs per order.
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