ABENA® Man Bladder Protection Shields, Case of 180

Protection from bladder leaks so he can stay dry, active and confident.


Bladder leaks can become a real problem for men who are used to being active without worry. But men don’t have to forgo the activities they enjoy due to male incontinence thanks to ABENA® Man Formula 2 Bladder Protection Shields. Each bladder protection shield features a specially designed super-absorbent core which captures the liquid should leaks occur, keeping moisture away from the skin and from clothing. Each shield can hold up to 23 fluid ounces.

In addition to their excellent absorption abilities, these shields for men are designed and constructed to accommodate a man’s unique anatomy. Side barriers and a micro-punctured top sheet help keep liquid from overflowing. Getting them to stay put is easy: Simply remove the self-adhesive strip and place the shield inside of underwear. You can order these bladder protection shields in bulk – one case contains 180 shields.
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