LivingSURE™ Bed Wedge Mattress Gap Filler

Close the gap between the mattress and bed frame, so things can't fall between.


What do you do when there’s a noticeable gab between the mattress on a bed and the headboard or footboard? If your answer is to keep pulling pillows and other items on the bed off the floor, we have a better solution for you. A mattress gap filler, also known as a bed gap filler, is a simple wedge made of soft foam material. Its sole purpose is to help you fill in any gap that creates a spacing issue that turns into a constant annoyance. For instance, it’s common for gaps to happen after installing certain headboard designs. There’s usually just enough gap space to cause a pillow to drop down and get stuck – or cell phones, plush toys and more. Resolve this issue by placing the mattress wedge gap filler into the crevice; it keeps pillows and other loose items on the bed where they belong.

Because of its wedge shape, this bed filler can also bridge the gap between two mattresses at the same level. The foam bed gap filler comes with a soft, breathable, machine-washable cover. The pillow is crafted of 80% polyurethane foam and 20% polyester/cotton fabric. It comes in lengths to fit twin (6"L x 39"W x 6"H), queen (6"L x 60"W x 6"H) and king (6"L x 76"W x 6"H) beds.
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